These 3 Small Changes Can Lead to Big Energy Savings

Learn about LED lighting and more energy-efficient upgrades in Houston, TX

Making energy-efficient upgrades like installing LED lighting can help you save big on utility costs. Installing features that don't run on electricity, like solar attic fans, can also help reduce your carbon footprint. Century Solar Inc can help you make these changes at your home or workplace in Houston, TX.

Consider installing...

  1. LED lighting to brighten up your space.
  2. Solar attic fans to ventilate your space without using electricity.
  3. Radiant barriers to prevent your AC unit from working overtime.
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Ask us to conduct an energy audit

How efficient is your home or workplace in Houston, TX? Find out by requesting an energy audit. Although we often conduct energy audits for people thinking about installing solar power systems, we'd be happy to show you ways to improve your energy efficiency even if solar panels aren't for you.

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Energy efficiency items:
Radiant barrior
protects ip to 90% of heat from entering through the roof of your home, the roof is responsible for 40% of the heat entering your home and the largest part of an electric bill in Houston is cooling your home. If you can lower the temperature inside the home you will use far less energy.
Incandescent bulbs burn at 220°f, LED's burn at 72°f. You are essentially using your HVAC to light your house, why do that when you can do a complete swap over and use LED bulbs and decrease your energy consumption
Solar attic fan
Proper ventilation of an attic is critical in houston. 1. It will help expell heat from the attic and stop it from going into the home. 2. In Houston we have a lot of humidity, humidity in an attic causes moisture, moisture causes mold. An attic fan will also lower your humidity levels in your attic.